Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Airport Duty

Brian and I will spend most of tomorrow at the airport waiting for our new team of volunteers to arrive. We have a team of 11 coming.....8 from Canada (1 who was here 2 years ago) and 3 from the US (2 who have been twice before and will be staying on with us for the next team too).

Tomorrow night we will stay with the team at a hotel near the airport then bring them across to Kissy on the first ferry on Wednesday morning. It's much nicer to arrive on the ferry during the day, and I should think that after travelling all the way from Canada and the US the team will be ready for bed by the time we meet them at the airport.

We have a full schedule planned for them and we're looking forward to having a team with us again - it's been a month since our last team left!

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