Friday, 26 March 2010

New Arrivals

My friend Brian who is the Mission Direct construction manager for the next three teams is arriving tonight - he's going to transfer from the airport by water taxi so I'll pick him up in Aberdeen tonight. It will be good to be working with him again. While I'm waiting for Brian to arrive I'm going to treat myself to a meal at one of my favourite restaurants....Alex's.

On Sunday we have a team of 19 volunteers arriving from the UK, mostly from the Leeds area - it's going to be a really tight squeeze fitting everyone into the team house at King George at mealtimes....there will be 21 of us altogether!
While the team are here we will be continuing work at the City of Rest site in Grafton and we're also planning to paint a classroom at the Hosetta Abdulai special needs school.

I hope Brian gets some sleep on the plane as I have a very busy day planned for us tomorrow so we can be ready for the team when they get here on Sunday.

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