Saturday, 12 March 2016

My Day

This was my day today:

  • Hand washed my clothes in cold water……it seems someone has borrowed my washboard, so that job was harder than it needed to be
  • Reminded my security to pump water from the well into the tanks that feed the house so there will be water in the taps for my guests arriving this weekend
  • Walked to work escorted by one of my kids – this young man had a hernia operation a couple of weeks ago so we are spending the days together so I can keep an eye on him
  • Made and shared the usual lunch of bread and luncheon meat for 20
  • Put together most of the remaining information needed for the upcoming Transform Salone website
  • Received a visit from the Granny of one of the sponsored students along with a gift of bananas and a cucumber. She looks upon me as her daughter and always, always brings me a little gift. She reminded me that her monthly bag of rice provided by her grandson’s sponsor is due soon
  • Chatted with around 15 of the sponsored students, collecting information for the reports for their sponsors
  • Gratefully accepted a lift home from my neighbour
  • Ate porridge for tea
  • Cheered along with the rest of the neighbourhood when the electricity came on, then rushed around like a loony putting everything on charge
  • Sent my daily postcard to my husband (using the app STANNP – if you spend a lot of time away from home try it, it’s great!)

All that is left is to make a cup of camomile tea then head off to bed.

No sickness, death or drama – all in all not a bad day!

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