Monday, 15 December 2014

Leaving Salone

I've returned to the UK to spend Christmas with my husband, but I almost missed the flight.........

I didn't consider this form of transport!
I decided to drive around to the airport - I didn't want to spend hours at the airport so that ruled out the water-taxi, and I didn't fancy getting the ferry because there are reports of a lot of Ebola in the area around the driving around via Port Loko seemed the best choice. I'd driven around to the airport when I flew to the UK in September, so I didn't foresee any problems.

The day didn't get off to a good start, my car broke down......but that was ok - I arranged to rent a car. I got just past Waterloo and the car I'd hired broke down too! We eventually got the car going again and continued with the journey.......running a bit behind time, but still with plenty of time to catch the flight.
We got through the first couple of checkpoints with no problems at all - just a quick temperature check and we were allowed on our way. At the third check point I was asked for my pass.......I'd never been asked for a pass before so I wasn't expecting this. I explained that I didn't know a pass was required and that I was on the way to the airport to get a flight and in the end they let me carry on..........the same thing happened at the next 4 checkpoints - with the added problem that it was now after 5pm and the checkpoints close after 5pm and no-one is allowed to pass........oh dear! I was very fortunate that after explaining my plight at each checkpoint I was allowed to continue my journey after temperature checks.

Temperature 35.8 - OK to fly!
What with the breakdown and the extra time it took me to get through the checkpoints I got to the check-in desk at the airport just as it was closing - another 5 minutes and they wouldn't have accepted me on the flight.

At the airport there was an Ebola form to fill and another temperature check to see if I would be accepted onto the flight.

I was given a form to fill in on the flight that I had to hand in when I got to the UK - but first I had to transit through Brussels and Munich. Once on the flight I was given a form to fill in and hand in in Brussels. As we disembarked the plane people were waiting to take the forms and take our temperatures again.

The flight to Munich was uneventful, and there were no further checks when we landed in Munich.

On arrival in London I was to make myself known to Border Control - they were waiting just after passport control with a list of passengers they were expecting from Ebola affected some reason my name was not on the list. I told them where I had came from and was taken to an interview room for a quick interview, hand my form in and another temperature check. I was told to check my temperature twice daily for 21 days and told that I didn't need to restrict my movement.

So, as far as checking and information goes it's improved a lot since September......except that unless people make themselves knows to border control there are no would have been easy to walk straight past them
Ebola Assessment Form
Ebola Information

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