Sunday, 16 November 2014

New Ebola Holding/Treatment Centre - Waterloo

Back in September the AHS Hospital at Waterloo was closed and quarantined for 21 days after admitting a patient who later tested positive for Ebola. The patient later died. Three of the hospital staff who had close contact with the patient contracted Ebola from her......2 nurses passed away and the other, a lab technician, survived.
Since the end of the quarantine the hospital has remained closed. The Government ordered that it should be opened as a holding centre for Ebola patients. There was an unfinished ward in the compound (started by Mission Direct) and the government decided they would complete the building to increase the hospital capacity as a holding centre.
As the work to ready the hospital progressed it was decided that it would also serve as a treatment centre for Ebola.
I was invited to pay a visit to the centre before it opens - I hardly recognised the place! They now have solar lighting, plenty of water tanks and a new well - so no more water shortages, and two big generators that I'm told were donated by the British.
It was quite eerie being inside the hospital with no staff or patients (when I visited during quarantine the staff were all there)
Here are some photos:

The main entrance is now in the 'Red Zone'

Each of the existing wards will accommodate 6 patients (Red Zone)

Outside area for Ebola patients

The new ward (Red Zone)

A single room with toilet in the new building (Red Zone)

This is where patients will await their diagnosis (all air conditioned!!)

Newly built offices

Newly built offices

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