Friday, 8 November 2013

Soaking and a Sunset

I'm still in Sierra Leone with Mission Direct. I currently have a team of 8 volunteers from the UK over working at the Nehemiah Project painting walls and laying a new floor.
I have my lovely friend Adele here working here with me and together we make up the staff team.
When Adele and I were preparing for the team last week we went to check out possible locations for the team debrief. We ended up at China Town in Lumley, where we shared a couple of star beers as we chatted over the day. As we sat there under the thatched umbrellas the sky got slowly darker and darker, until eventually the heavens opened. We decided to sit it out as we thought it would pass quite quickly. Soon the umbrellas were letting the rain through and we were soaked to the skin and the rain was so hard we could barely stand up to run for cover. There were three men and the waiter taking cover by crouching behind the bar, so we had to convince them to shove up to make room for us too. Eventually there was a break in the rain and we were able to make a dash for the vehicle, but by that time EVERYTHING was soaked! The photo of us doesn't do justice to just how wet we were.

We then headed to the Atlantic bar and restaurant for a meal where we wrung out our clothes out as best we could. While we enjoyed our meal the storm resumed and continued as we ate and chatted into the evening and we were treated to this wonderful sunset.


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