Monday, 17 January 2011

Ramatu - Not Good News.......

I went to see Ramatu in the New Year and got a shock to see that she was really poorly and weak. I was there just over and hour and she had three fits while I was there. She had a lot of sores from where she's fallen during her fits and she's lost a lot of weight.

I contacted my friend Max at the Epilepsy Association of Sierra Leone who arranged for her to have some blood tests and also to review her medication. When the results came though she had tested positive for Sickle Cell.

Her epilepsy medication has been changed and Max is going to montior her, once her fits have been reduced then we are going to contact a Sickle Cell association to address that issue.

It is so sad to see her in such a bad way again, just a couple of months ago she was in school and now she doesn't even have the strength to sit up unassisted.

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