Sunday, 25 April 2010

Update - Hassan's Eye

I finally have an update about Hassan, the boy who got hit in the eye with a stick last November! He was due to have an operation in December, but I lost contact with his father and didn't know what had happened to him.

Hassan came to see me yesterday with his Dad - he's still having treatment on his eye, which doctors have advised needs to continue for another few weeks, after which he can have an operation which may save his sight.

I have a friend who is medically trained who is going to go to the a hospital appointment with Hassan next Tuesday so he can let me know what he thinks will be the best way forward for Hassan.

He still seems to be in a lot of pain with his eye, but it's very hard to get information directly from him because he's so shy he just won't speak! He did tell me that he's able to see light now and that he wasn't when the accident first happened - his father is hopefull that his sight will be saved.

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